How do you or others put your lo to bed?
My lo (now 5 months old) could only be nursed to sleep until last week, so when I went back to school she would cry for a long time (about a half hour, occasionally longer) when my husband or mom tried to put her down.
So I stopped nursing her to sleep last week. It involved a lot of tears while I rocked and shushed her to sleep instead, but now I can put her to sleep fairly painlessly without nursing. I'm trying to work on putting her down while drowsy now, with limited success. It's still not as easy or peaceful as nursing to sleep - she puts up a fight at nap times when I hold her in my arms, shush and rock. She doesn't cry, just whimpers and squirms.
However, this weaning didn't solve the problem! She still cries for a long time when others try to put her to sleep! She goes down faster if they drive her around in the car, but still cries before zonking out. She has occasionally dozed off without crying when someone's holding her in a public place and she's calm.
On Monday I'm leaving her with a sitter for the first time, and I'm afraid my lo will traumatize the poor woman with hours of "I'm tired" crying. Any advice? What has worked for you?
I'd like nap time to be a happy time for her, not a struggle.