So we recently had to switch daycares because we moved. LO use to be at a home daycare and had his own separate room to nap in. He's 13 months and would nap 2-3 hours. Now he's at a preschool/daycare and has to sleep (or not sleep) in a room with other kids where the light may or may not be off. He's been there a week and has napped at most 30 minutes. It has been stressing me out that he doesn't sleep because my damn life revolves around this kid's sleep and now I feel like I have no control over it. Last Thursday night he woke up in the middle of the night and then couldn't fall back asleep so he was screaming but not really crying. I felt so bad! I've been telling myself to give it at least 2 weeks before I try to find another daycare/solution but I'm not sure if that's realistic enough. I'm usually on the "kids adapt" wagon but this is so damn hard when I've spent his whole first year making sure he got his sleep. Anyway, I just wanted to hear from other bees' experiences. If your LO goes to a daycare, how long did it take for them to adjust and have a decent nap? Adding a poll because why the heck not