It's been four weeks since my c-section and I'm still bleeding bright red. It's not a terrible amount, but definitely enough that I need to use pads.

I was never told how long I should expect to bleed, but feel this has been longer than it was with my first LO (a vaginal delivery).

I don't think I'm really overdoing it in terms of activity either. I pick up my 3 yo only once or twice a day to get her in/out of the car at school and I am lifting the baby seat in and out as well. Aside from that, I've just been doing normal housework and errands.

Is it to be expected that the (still red) bleeding would last this long?

Also, if it makes any difference -- I was induced and went through the full labor process until it was time to push, at which point the plans changed to needing a c/s.