Sorry this is so long, the short version is at the bottom. I am having a scheduled C section, and am wondering what everyone did as far as when you allowed visitors to come. I am not close with my immediate family, and only talk to or see the inlaws once or twice a year (even less close).

My surgery is scheduled for mid day, and I have been told by time I get outof the recovery room and into postpartum and get all the assessments done it may be around 5 pm. I for sure want a couple hours to ourselves to settle in and bond as a family, so that would put the earliest time for visitors to come around 7pm.

It just hit me today, 7 seems kind of late, and im sure I will be exausted, in pain, and probably throwing up from the pain meds (that usually happens to me after surgery). I am a very private person, and am not comfortable being around anyone if im feeling sick, plus I will have a urinary catheter in and im sure nurses will be in and out of the room.

I suggested maybe asking family to wait until the next morning to come see us, and I could tell my husband was not happy with this idea. He Said its really important to him for his parents to meet our baby asap, but did say it was my body and my decision. I feel bad because its his baby too, and he should have a say in it.

I am worried that I am going to be so out of it from the pain meds for the first few hours that I am not really even going to be able to bond with her, and right as I am starting to feel better family will come in and get in the way.

Short version: How long did you feel gross and sick for after the csection, and when did you allow visitors if you were private people?