I have awful fibromyalgia, sciatica, and not sure if this makes much of a difference, but Crohn's disease. All it takes is sleeping in the wrong position to set off the fibro and sciatica, and some days my Crohn's disease pain gets to the point it sets off my fibromyalgia. I can only imagine the impact childbirth would have on my body. Otherwise, I am healthy and we have just begun TTC. How many of you chose c-section and were actually able to convince your obgyn to allow you to have a c-section over vaginal childbirth with no threatening health problems that would keep you from having a successful vaginal birth? This is my biggest concern going forward with TTC, is that I won't be able to have a scheduled c-section with no threatening health issues. I feel like my body would have lasting issues from a vaginal birth, more so than anyone else really would. I am afraid that an obgyn might not take it seriously. So, the question is, have you ever been able to choose a c-section over vaginal birth, and is this even an option?