I've shared with some bees that my dream is to have a homebirth, but its unfortunately illegal in my state. You could still have one if you can find a midwife willing to do it but there are literally none that will travel to my area. Also birthing centers are nonexistent. Hospitals only.

So I've found a provider that I really like. I haven't got to meet with my OB yet (frustrating but they promised I just had a case of bad luck missing him twice and I will get to see him next time) but have got to meet his nurse, PA, and entire staff and I love everyone so far! Even the ultrasound tech was super nice. They seem to be open to natural approaches...I know they don't promote induction until 42 weeks (unless medically necessary) and are all about kangaroo care.

But browsing my hospitals website looking for days I can tour the maternity ward to answer my remaining questions about childbirth options, I found some things I don't like. The first one was that they made it seem that constant fetal monitoring is mandatory, which I'm not okay with. I want to MOVE!

And the second thing is, they described a non medicated birth as "Running a 26 mile race when you could have just taken a car." That rubbed me the wrong way.

Mostly this is a rant. I'm so frustrated that the area I live in is so outdated and not open to new ideas. The nearest hospital that MAY be better is over an hour away. Just tired of running into dead ends with NO choice in how I get to deliver my child. I'll have to talk to my doctor at my next appointment to see about these things for sure but its not looking good.

Can't even complain to my family because they think I'm nuts for wanting to go natural anyway.