If you were seeking out natural childbirth options, how far would you drive?

I just learned that our nearest birthing center is in our insurance network. It is actually part of a hospital, but it is an intervention free zone where your birth is attended by a midwife. Should the need arise for intervention, you are right there in the hospital and an obstetrician will be available. This is honestly the option I'm most comfortable with since I'm a first time mama but natural birth is really important to me.

We had planned on having this baby at a great hospital in our area, however, natural birth is difficult there. Its not really accepted or understood. They are ok with you wanting to do it, but I've had friends who delivered pain med-free there who say they get really pushy with the interventions. Both of them ended up with pitocin. My doctor is also a natural birth skeptic.

Sounds like a no brainer for me, right? Well here's the kicker: the conventional hospital is 30 minutes away (more in traffic) but the midwifery wing of the other hospital is one hour away. I'm really struggling with the decision. My husband is apparently convinced all labors go lightning fast since he delivered a woman's baby while he was at work (in his police car, no less!), so I will have to get him on board with the midwife staffed hospital. I'm 25 weeks so the decision needs to be made this week to get me all switched! What would you do?!