There is a 12 year old girl on our street who wants to get into babysitting and mothers helper type stuff, and her mom mentioned she has no plans for the summer so if we need help let her know. DH is going to have to travel some so I'm thinking that would be a good time to take her up on that idea.

Wondering what's kind of normal to pay a young mothers helper, and what kind of tasks / activities you have them do. For reference we pay our 17 year old babysitter $15 and hour for the two kids 1 and almost 4 years old) when we leave her home alone with them. I wouldn't leave the house with a 12 year old watching them but having her play with them and entertain them while I chill out or do chores or whatever would be a big help while DH travels.

Anyway- what do you pay someone in that situation?

Also the older I get the more ridiculous the babysitters club seems. Mallory and Jessie were like 11! 😂