After a long time reader of hellobee, I decided to join! I recently had a very long miscarriage when I was around 9 weeks pregnant. My question is about a friend's comments. She often says things that I feel are insensitive/doesn't think before she speaks. A couple recent examples: Chatting with her about her pregnancy (this was about two weeks after my miscarriage)- her anatomy scan is coming up and she desperately wants a girl (this is her second and last pregnancy, first pregnancy was a boy and was vocal about wanting a girl then too). She said that if it is a boy she will obviously love the baby but will feel like she is "mourning a loss". She also recently said (during the week of my miscarriage) that she "can't wait for this crappy month to be over".
Am I being too sensitive? I know she cares about me and would never mean to upset me. I just don't know if I'm supposed to say something to her or just let it go knowing she didn't mean to upset me. I'm usually extremely honest with my close friends but with her I feel like if I say something she will just be really upset and it won't make either of us feel better. Sorry for the long post- I guess to sum it up I'm wondering how some of you handle insensitive comments while recovering from a miscarriage? Thanks!