Hello creative bees! I need help thinking outside the box on ways to get my toddler (2.5y) to start napping without nursing. That's the gist, read on if you want all the boring details.

I am trying to slowly gently/gradually wean him since I am 12 weeks pregnant. My loose goal was to wean by 20 weeks. We stopped nursing to sleep for bedtime months ago, and now we do a combo of cuddling and rocking to sleep. It takes forever and I just don't see that working at nap time. Now, I nurse him and he's asleep within 15 min. Then I sneak away and he'll sleep up to 90 min, and then I go back and nurse and cuddle for the rest of his nap (total of 2-2.5h). Not saying it's a great routine, but it works for me, and I get to nap or read my kindle. My house is too tiny to get anything noisy done anyways.

He's rarely napped in the car all his life, and napped even less in the stroller. To make it even more tricky, 3 afternoons a week, he has school, and I need to get him up from nap and to school by 2 pm.

My ideas:
-Give up on naps, and start a quiet time with a movie or something, maybe he'll fall asleep
-Do something crazy busy all morning after getting up early, and start trying either stroller naps or car naps (doesn't seem sustainable)
-do the busy morning routine and just try lying down with him st nap time and let him work it out

Ugh. Help!!!