Every year I make a Shutterfly photo book for DH. It's our family album of the events of that year. It's his favorite present every year and our moms love it so much I give them a copy as well. I'm struggling with how I should handle Baby E (our TFMR for T21 in May) in the book. She was a part of our lives from Feb to May, and the emotional aftermath defined the remainder of the year for me. I still have her US photos and am sure down the road I will want to have them somewhere more permanent. I just struggle with the awkward questions that might come up in the next 2-5 years, especially as our 21 mo DD grows older and starts asking questions. Maybe this would be a way to start the conversation? Perhaps it will just create very awkward moments if new friends & neighbors casually peruse the book lying on the coffee table... Any advice/thoughts/experiences appreciated.