This might sound really dumb, but how do/did you get your LO to take a pacifier?

With LO1 - I was "anti-pacis" and so was she. She would spit them out, refuse, etc. We used the WubbaNub for travel (i.e. plane or car ride) when we needed her to calm down and be quiet, but always one of us holding it. She found her thumb eventually, and now at 2.5 I'm constantly trying to figure out how to break her of the habit.

Now LO2 - we were NOT anti-paci and tried introducing them as early as in the hospital. He has the habit of "snacking" and nursing every 1-1.5 hr now and I think a paci could help. DH can get him to use a pacifier, but mainly holds it in place. With me, usually he gags and/or pushes it out with his tongue or turns his head. When swaddled (another thing we're working on), he will take the pacifier, but it falls out almost immediately if I let go. IDK what's up? Someone said maybe my kids are lazy suckers (lol) and that's why they can't keep the pacifiers in on their own? LO2 is 4 weeks now. Should he be able to keep sucking on his own to sleep/soothe? Does it sound like I'm out of luck with pacis? It's looking like I'm going to have thumb-sucker #2 - he loves to suck on his fist when he can get them. But until then, am I SOL with the self-soothing? TIA!

* We've tried regular Soothies, WubbaNub, MAM, and Munchkin Latch. The only one he'll even keep in a few seconds is the MAM.