Baby Girl is going to be a year next month. Early on with breastfeeding I realized she had much worse reflux when I drank milk. I cut the major sources of dairy out of my diet (milk, cheese, yogurt) but continued with baked goods, dark chocolate, etc.

Around 6 months we started to try to find a formula for her. Again the milk-based formula caused a lot of tummy pain. We put her on soy formula and it was going well. We even were able to use up some of the milk based formula (about a 20-30% ratio) to her daycare bottles from about 8-10 months off and on.

Suddenly last month right after shots she ended up with 2 really bad weeks of diarrhea. Now we also had been doing the 30% milk based formula and started introducing cheese (which she loved) and a bit or two of yogurt (which she did not love so she really didn't each much). We finally took her to the doctor who ruled out bactrerial infection via stool sample. No blood, just frothy really stinky, diarrhea. It would be ok for a day or two and then be really bad blow outs for a day or two. On and off for 2 weeks.

Where do we go from here? As of a week ago we have cut dairy out (only soy formula, no cheese/yogurt) and the stool has improved but isn't 100%. To be honest I"m not reading every little label because I dont think this is a true allergy and she doesn't get that many processed foods anyways.

Do I need to schedule testing? Do we slowly introduce things and see her limits? How do I go about this?