Does anyone have hughesnet? Do you like it? What plan, do you go over it? We live in the woods and currently have windstream. Hughesnet is the ONLY other company that supplies here. Right now our internet is averaging 1.29mbps. It's enough to run Netflix but no other tv programming. DH and I are cord cutters, but our tv is always on, I bet we're averaging 400gb of internet a month. Here's the catch, windstream is ridicuously slow but unlimited. Hughesnet would be faster but the biggest plan they have is 50gb per month. They cut the speed after that and it should be around what we're getting now, but I'm hesitant. I don't like change and it's a 2 year contract right off the batt. I really want to know if anybody has hughesnet but has gone over the useage, are you able to still stream programming? Did I mention I don't like change?