Wasn't sure what board to put this under, but has anyone's LO dealt with hypermobility, especially lower body? Last week we had an EI evaluation for our 16-month-old, largely because she isn't walking, but also based on some other stuff the pediatrician noticed with her legs/feet. The therapist said she's "slightly hypermobile" and has too much movement in her ankles/knees/hips. She's not walking because she feels unstable and is constantly having to make constant adjustments just to remain upright, so her legs fatigue quickly. (She does crawl, pull up, and cruise.) The walking is the only area where she's behind the curve and the therapist felt if DH and I worked with her over the summer, she could be walking by 18 months. If not, we re-evaluate starting services. She recommended having her wear a stability shoe, practicing standing and walking on uneven surfaces to build strength, and replacing her light plastic push toy with something heavier that doesn't move as fast. Also lots of swimming/kicking to strengthen her legs.

She has absolutely tiny feet - infant size 2 is still slightly big on her - so I'm having a terrible time finding stability shoes in her size. Any recommendations? Any tips for other exercises or activities we can try?

I'm bringing her to activities like story time, music class, mommy and me yoga, and we go to the playground a couple times a week. I'm going to look into some soft play places to take her. I know 16 months isn't THAT late to not be walking, but it still makes me sad when we are with a group of babies running around and she kind of sits out of the way to avoid getting trampled, and hesitates to really join in the play. She likes to crawl around the playground equipment but gets scared when kids zoom by and ends up just wanting to sit and watch.