I know people often say they hate how they look in photos even when they look gorgeous, but I can tell you that I actually look really bad in my maternity photos! I know these are particularly bad, because I had maternity photos with my first pregnancy, and I looked happy, glowing and beautiful in those. In these pictures I look fat! I think it's partly my fault, because I wore a cap sleeved shirt, which made my arms look big in every photo. But the poses weren't flattering at all! I have a double chin in every photo, and I feel like the poses all emphasize my flaws! Even my husband admitted the photos weren't any good and said we should find another photographer for our newborn pics. I'm so disappointed!

Any advice on what to do? I don't want to complain to the photographer, because I feel like this is just her shooting style, and I should have done more research before hiring her. I'm considering getting new maternity photos taken by someone else, but then I will have to pay them in addition to what I've already paid this person, so that would really add up.