I am sitting here making a list of invites to my son's 2nd birthday and I have realized many of my "close" friends on this list I have lost touch with over the last 2 years. Many of them I have not spoken with or seen since my son's 1st birthday party. Many of them are not parents yet themselves. Many of them I have crossed off the invite list

Of course I have made many new mommy friends over the last 2 years, but these people I can't say are close friends. We have had the occasional play date or even a few kid-less mommy meet ups, but in general I wouldn't say they are close friends. Maybe they will become, who knows.

It makes me sad to think how I do not connect anymore to the friends that I spent a great deal of time with before my son was born.

Has this happened to anyone else? I know the phone works both ways, and I am not blaming any of these friends. We are just at different places in life right now and that is okay!