Wagon Sr. and I have ALWAYS been anti-minivan. Just so stubborn about it. We swore up and down that we'd just have really really big SUVs and never go to the minivan land.

Now that we have two kids and therefore two carseats back there (my body doesn't fit between the two seats! my super petite mom BARELY fits in there and she has to climb over LMW's carseat base to get in) ...I kinda want a minivan.

Ok scratch that, I REALLY want a minivan.

We only have one car right now (a honda cr-v) and I'm dreaming of buying a small crappy commuter car and leasing a big, beautiful MINIVAN with all the fancy trimmings. I'm thinking of renting one from our Honda dealership's rental service for our first roadtrip as a family of four, coming up in November. I'm pretty sure after that there won't be any turning back...

Anyone else out there going to the dark side? or, maybe the LIGHT side!