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If you chose to get an epidural...

  • poll: Did you have any complications after getting an epidural?
    None! : (94 votes)
    69 %
    A tense moment or two but all was basically fine. : (8 votes)
    6 %
    I had issues but the baby was fine the whole time. : (6 votes)
    4 %
    The baby had issues but I was fine, they fixed the issues. : (1 votes)
    1 %
    I wound up with a c-section. : (18 votes)
    13 %
    I had issues after the birth. : (6 votes)
    4 %
    Other : (3 votes)
    2 %
  1. dolphin

    pomegranate / 3768 posts

    No complications. I looooooved the epidural.

  2. luckypenny

    grapefruit / 4582 posts

    My blood pressure dropped dangerously low right away and they gave me a shot of adrenaline or something right away. Then kept having a hard time finding baby's heart beat which they didn't before epi so that caused a few scary moments

  3. photojane

    cantaloupe / 6164 posts

    My epidural was heeeaven. After awful back labor I was able to rest, get a lovely foot massage, and laugh. No pain, but felt pressure to push. Pushed my babe out in like 10 minutes with absolutely no pain. And, stitches were painless too.

  4. Purpledaisy

    nectarine / 2973 posts

    I ended up with a c section but it had nothing to do with the epidural.

  5. shinymama

    persimmon / 1128 posts

    Tense moment. There was a leak in the tubing {so the juice was not flowing properly into me} and it wasn't caught until right before I started pushing. They gave me a couple of booster shots to help, but it was still extremely painful.

  6. JessKas

    pear / 1693 posts

    I voted none. The epidural wore off before it was time to push but for me, that was a good thing. I liked being able to follow my body's cues and push when I felt I needed to.

  7. lawbee11

    GOLD / watermelon / 14076 posts

    No complications for me.

  8. Boogs

    hostess / papaya / 10540 posts

    My epidural stopped working twice. The second time was during my c/s...which I was told is very uncommon.

    I'd still likely get one again.

  9. StbHisMrs

    pomegranate / 3329 posts

    I voted a tense moment or two. I don't think epi's work for me very well period, I've had 3. The first one was given to me at an 8 and didn't work until after I delivered him, the 2nd only worked on one side and the third was difficult. He had to do it 3 times because I could feel it going in each time (your not suppose to feel anything but a quick pinch), it was a terrible dull ache, I think it had more to do with the numbing stuff they use. Once it was in, I was good, but I still felt everything just like the first two.

  10. sera_87

    pomegranate / 3604 posts

    Got an epidural at 6cm, textbook, actually managed to doze off for an hour or so while waiting to get to 10cm. Was still able to walk to the bathroom to (attempt) to go as well. Still felt everything to push and he was out in 18 min.

  11. winniebee

    hostess / wonderful grape / 20803 posts

    I had an epidural and had an easy labor with no complications.

  12. catlady

    grapefruit / 4988 posts

    Mine went smoothly with no complications.

  13. Ginabean3

    pomegranate / 3401 posts

    I loved my epidural. It was the best thing ever. I felt relaxed, got in a nice nap, and pushed LO out, no problem. I feel like it really de-stressed me.

  14. bookwormmama

    persimmon / 1198 posts

    I voted other because my baby's heart rate had lots of issues through contractions that eventually led to a c section but they had nothing to do with my epidural. My contractions did slow a bit after getting the epi, but I was still progressing. The epidural made things so much better. They wanted to do pitocin and I knew I didn't want to labor on it without an epi so I ended up getting if before I was a full 4 cms

  15. NavyRN2012

    persimmon / 1447 posts

    No issues with either delivery!

  16. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    When I got my epidural I felt very panicky for a few minutes and my left leg felt a little funny. I was able to put it out of my mind though and the birth went fine. After the birth though, I couldn't feel my left leg at all for 24 hours. That was pretty scary, I started thinking it was going to be paralyzed. The anesthesiologist blamed The OB for letting me push in one position for too long and the OB blamed it on the epidural. I'm not sure really what happened but I'm guessing it was the epidural. It really was just an annoyance cause I couldn't get out of bed to get my baby and needed help going to the bathroom. However, after 24 hours the feeling started coming back in my leg and by discharge I was fine.

    To make a long story short, I don't regret getting epidural but it was a little scary. I will still get one next time.

  17. daniellemybelle

    cantaloupe / 6669 posts

    I got an epidural even though I wanted a natural birth but I don't regret it. I had a C section but I think I would have had one anyway.

  18. GrapeCrush

    grapefruit / 4823 posts

    I had an epidural, and a csection. But it wasnt because of the epidural that I had the csection.

  19. Pepper

    pomelo / 5820 posts

    I didn't have issues because of it, but it just didn't work properly. It only numbed me from the bikini line down... I still felt all of the contractions in my abdomen. I'd still get one again, because who knows, maybe it'll work next time.

  20. skipra

    pomegranate / 3350 posts

    Actually I think it sped up labor because I was able to relax. I was induced so they had me on pitocin. They turned it off to give me the epidural and my contractions apparently got stronger without ever turning the pitocin back on. I got it around 6 cm and was ready to push in under 2 hours. Baby and I were fine the entire time and were able to do immediate skin to skin and delayed cord clamping.

  21. indi

    clementine / 984 posts

    @Bookish: exact same. I was adamant about avoiding an epi/section if possible, but the epidural went well and caused no labor or lasting issues. The c-section was caused by my anatomy.

  22. mrsjyw

    GOLD / wonderful apricot / 22646 posts

    @cole: where are you delivering? I was at HF and had NO issues. My epi did wear off in the morning before pushing, but that was just a fluke with my machine...plus DS had a HUGE head, so there was no saving me from that pressure pain! I've never had issues PP either and i was DEATHLY afraid of getting the needle in my back pre-labor too.

  23. yellowbird

    honeydew / 7303 posts

    None! It actually helped me to progress more quickly!

  24. MrsRcCar

    grapefruit / 4712 posts

    My first epidural was amazing. My blood pressure went low but that's common for me. More fluid and some meds to up my blood pressure.

    My second epidural felt awesome. I had the same problem with my blood pressure. I also ended up needing a blood patch to fix my spinal headache. I also had numbness down my left calf and foot for more then a month after. My chiro fixed it by adjusting my ankle tho.

    I still plan to get an epidural with future deliveries.

  25. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    My epi was great! No issues with me or baby, they turned it down enough to take the edge off the pain but for me to push her out relatively easily, and I was up and walking as soon as skin to skin was over.

    I honestly didn't even feel a needle going in, because my contractions were so much worse.

    The only weird thing was that the epi was more effective on one side, so I would still feel the contractions in my right side and could still move that leg around fine. But it was so much better than before the epi, I was fine with it.

  26. 2PeasinaPod

    pomelo / 5524 posts

    @Bookish: Exactly the same as you! I had an epidural and ended up with a C-section. The two weren't related in any way. He ended up getting stuck on my pelvic bone and there wasn't really much of a way for him to come out except through C-section.


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