To doula or not to doula! I am 95% sure that I want a doula, and I'm also 95% sure that I want a medicated birth. However, I've heard some people say that unless you are really aiming for a natural childbirth, a doula isn't really worth it.

I think the support of a doula would be incredibly helpful to me and my husband as we navigate this overwhelming world of childbirth. Childbirth is terrifying to me, and I've heard so many horror stories about long terrible labors that I think having someone that knows me, can help me, and can be an advocate me during the birth (in addition to my husband, of course) would be extremely helpful. My husband tends to get very emotional and I think it would be easier with someone else that we trust. I want to try my best to prevent the "cascade of intervention" as much as possible, and I worry that without a doula I might feel pressured into making decisions I might not be completely comfortable with.

However, I also am 95% sure that I want an epidural, and doulas are expensive! Should I have a relatively easy birth, I worry that I won't feel the doula was "worth it." I also worry that they might make me feel bad about my decision to have a medicated delivery. I also worry that if I need to have a scheduled c-section for some reason, I also won't feel that the cost was worth it.

Almost everyone I know that has had a doula specifically got one because their goal was to have a natural med free childbirth (though that didn't always happen). That is not my goal, So my question is for those ladies that had a doula and also knew they wanted an epidural.... was it worth it?

If it wasn't for the cost, I'd get a doula for sure. Would love to hear some real person stories.