Hi ladies,

I will be having our daughter via RCS between 35-36 weeks if all goes well until then. My son was born at 34 and there was a NICU team in the room ready to take him. He had some low O2 readings so they put him on a cpap for overnight and he needed help regulating his temp for a few days. He also spent 22 days feeding and growing.

My question is for you mamas who delivered between 35-36 weeks, did they take the baby to the NICU right away? Did they allow you to try to BF? I'm just wondering how they determine if the baby is able to try BFing right away. I would really love to do that. It seems if there are just some breathing issues that doesn't necessarily mean baby is unable to feed orally right away. I would really love to try nursing right away. But maybe that just isn't an option.

Could you share your experience.