when do you work out?

During maternity leave, I went during the day while DS1 was at school right after I nursed DS2. I was going pretty regularly, but I've been back at work since Halloween and haven't been able to find a new routine. (Let's be honest, I haven't been to the gym since I went back to work!)

Before DS2 I worked out at nighttime or it was eas(ier) for me to step out on the wknds since we'd (Ds1) long been done with nursing.

I don't want to workout at home at night now... it's too cold to head to the gym, and it also keeps me up at night! I was thinking about squeezing it in during my lunch hour... I find it it hard to go in the morning because that's when I'm the fullest, DS2 doesn't wake til 730+ and I don't want to pump before I go to the gym!