I work part time night shift as a nurse, but I'm basically a SAHM to my 16 month old son as he isn't in daycare (there's maybe 1 or 2 days where I sleep during the morning when I come home, but my husband stays home with him because he has a weird work schedule a couple days a week).

How important is it for a toddler to get outside socialization with other kids? And how do those of you who are SAHM socialize your toddler? (If they aren't in pre-K or grade a school yet)

Right now we have a play date every Monday for a couple hours with a coworker who has a 2 year old daughter, and every Wednesday he has a gym class with other toddlers about an hour long. But I'm wondering if that's enough.. I'm thinking of going back to the gym a couple days a week and having him go to the gym daycare for an hour at a time.