We needed childcare for a few hours last minute, so I asked my in-laws if they could look after my 3month old. (DH's brother + SIL also live with them) I trust them all just fine but I've always found SIL bit obsessive with the LO, always needs to be the first to hold her (even taking her from her own grandparents!) or often jokes about how she would keep her and not give her back. Anyway, I figure she loves LO a lot - just her way of showing it. Everything was fine as we left, but not even an hour has gone by and she sends us photos of LO in different little outfits, dresses, her own daughter used to wear. In one of the photos, LO looks visibly upset, crying or fussing. It made me worry after that, especially since this was our first time dropping our baby off! DH said he might tell her not to do that for next time, but I don't want to start trouble. Am I overreacting? She used to dress her own daughter up for fun all the time, take photos, etc. She clearly misses having a LO, but mine is not her doll to play with. Also we wanted LO to have quality time with her grandparents, is there a way to verbalize that without having BIL + SIL take her most of the time?