Just got a phone call from my OB's office. My OB and rhe other OB that has examined me the last three times are offering me the option of scheduling an induction Monday morning on my due date.

I'm on the verge of crying because I feel like I am giving in. But I am so so uncomfortable. I haven't gotten a decent nights sleep in months. All week I've been waking up every 2 hrs with cramping. Last night I got 3hrs straight and I was super excited. Sleeping is so uncomfortable. My hips are killing me I can barely walk. There is so much pressure in my lower body today I don't even want to walk.
My husband thinks I'll likely go before Monday anyway. I reluctantly started maternity leave already. So I don't want to waste my time sitting at home if I can be spending it wih my baby.

I know I shouldn't complain because I've had it so so easy thus far. There are sooo many ladies who have had real issues to worry about!

Thanks for listening to me. At the very least we know we will meet her by Monday! And it will be the best 30th birthday present I can ask for.