Short Story: Baby is 12 weeks old, always held or worn for naps. Going to daycare soon, how do we support him in the transition to crib naps?

Long Story:
DS will be 12 weeks on Saturday. In 2 weeks he starts daycare. I'm no stranger to the daycare scene, DD attended from 12 weeks till 4.5, so I know the caregivers are fantastic and knowledgeable. But I still have anxiety...

DS sleeps decent at night in a flat, firm bassinet next to our bed. At bedtime, we either rock him to sleep or hold him and bounce on a yoga ball.
We can't move to the rocking chair unless he is super calm and chill, almost dozing. Then we rock him until he's passed out. Bad habit I know, but 12 week old, pandemic, much needed baby cuddles/path of least resistance...

For nap, we either wear him or bounce on the ball. He does not transition well to the bassinet at naptime. His moro reflex is still quite strong. I've avoided swaddling when laying him down for naps because I know they can't at daycare. If he doesn't wake up as soon as I lay him down, he does 20-40 minutes later.

Daycare can't swaddle him, wear him or hold him for his naps. I highly doubt they can bounce with him on a yoga ball. What changes can I make now to help ease the transition?