This is purely out of curiosity because I’ve seen it pop up: do you think that most people know that letting an infant sleep in a rock n play, swing, or other baby seat puts them at increased risk for SIDS? I’m asking partly because after weeks of awful sleep I put my kids on their bellies and got a lot of flack for it, but in my personal parenting circle and on here I’ve seen a lot of folks putting their kids to sleep in non-crib devices and no one says anything about it. I knew that sleeping on their backs was the safest and that there was an increased risk with stomach sleep so was nervous because of that but checked off my other boxes (alone, in the crib, in a swaddle or sleep sack—except for DD2 as we would use a receiving blanket on her bum on down during the few nights it was cool enough during a very hot summer—and obviously a non-smoking household). Do you think pediatricians communicate that babies should be in their cribs, or have you had a doctor recommend an RNP (our ped did for my SIL), or generally communicate that as long as they’re on their back in a device made for babies they are safe? I guess my real question is, do you think a discussion about the crib being the safest place, and non-crib (or made for sleep, so PNP, Moses basket, bassinet etc would be ok) devices being “unsafe” even though babies are on their backs is missing from our pediatric discussions? Also not trying to freak anyone out, and also it was a hard decision to put my kids on their stomach and I know I might get some more flack for that.