i'm trying to do wishlists differently this year because previously we've done amazon wishlists, but have still received multiples from my parents or in laws and it leads to confusion and bad feelings. i also kinda hate just clicking on something and buying it and it leaves no surprise for any of us. so i wanted to make an info sheet for each girl, maybe even DH and i so we can surprised a bit more with gifts and then people can buy what they want. also, this will help with clothes for sizes for the girls because they grow so fast!

Anyway, I have a general one that I made, but looking for more input as to what would be useful for family to know about the kiddos to help them buy presents. I based mine on secret santa info sheets that i found, but i couldn't find ANYTHING that was like this just for kids. for reference my kiddos are 3.5 and 11 months, but hoping i can make something to fill out year after year.

any feedback on categories, questions, etc. to put on there to fill out time after time to guide gift givers?