I have an interview coming up for with an organization I'm familiar with.. It's a large organization and my husband currently work there (different dept/line of work). My kids also attend their affiliated child care center.

The position I'll be interviewing for is a pretty lateral move, very similar to my job now. I've applied to a few other jobs but for the most part am sticking to the same line of work/job functions.

My current organization is about the same in size and level of prestige so really I am looking to move due to location/convenience. I'm not in a rush to leave as I'm very satisfied/comfortable with my current job. Finding the right fit for me is most impt. My current boss has been excellent to work with and a strong supporter of me having work/home life balance.

Anyways, my question is-- how much should I share with the interviewer when it comes to the reason for making the move?

Should I share that I'm interested and vested in their community given that family is there, or leave them out of it?

Also, I looked up my interviewers LinkedIn profile and found that he used to work for my current org as well. Should I acknowledge that and try to ask him about how the two compare, or is that too stalkerazzi?

Any advice is appreciated. Interviews are not my forte!