This is such uncharted territory for me since LO1 didn't have a drop of formula his whole life. I BFed him until 13 months. However DS2 and I are really struggling with his MSPI and I can't seem to figure out what needs to be eliminated beyond milk, soy, and eggs. I am also off peanuts. He still is having issues. Therefore, I would like to start introducing formula. I bought some allimentum at the doctor's recommendation. Yesterday we gave him two bottles of it and I pumped. He drank 1 ounce then refused. Then half hour later drank the rest. Later he had 3 ounces and refused any more. (This is a kid who drinks 7 ounce bottles of expressed milk normally.) So, not sure how to proceed. Ideally I want day care to give him formula during the day. I've seen people recommend mixing the formula with bm, but if I do that, do I just count the bm as the water and mix in the powder? Or do I make up a bottle of fomula and mix the liquid formula with the liquid bm? Or just keep offering and hope he starts to like it? TIA for any tips.