So our neighbors across the street got a German Shepard puppy, she's about 6-8 months old (I think?) and she's super sweet. Well...this dog comes over to our house ALL the time. My issue isn't with the dog being here, but it's about her crossing the street. Our road is decently busy and we live off a main road. I really don't want to see this dog get hit or lost. She has a collar but no I.D. Tags. She also loves to jump on our door and window which I don't care for too much.

We brought the dog back on a few occasions and all the neighbors said were "ah thanks she gets out a lot" (they have a 6ft fenced in yard). So I guess I'm getting frustrated at the lack of care this dog is getting. She's been whining at my door all morning. Is there anything we can do besides continue to bring her safely back home?