My DH and I have been having a multitude of disagreements lately and the biggest bone of contention is where our kids play... aka: their play space.

First let me say we are moving at the end of march into a new home we built that will hopefully remedy this issue.. although I still think DH's expectations are a little wacky...

So for right now in our current home we have a kitchen that opens to a large dining room and then an off shoot that goes into our living room. There are 2 shelves of toys in living room, a playhouse and a few bins in one corner and other toys lining the wall under the tv (no tv stand). There are also toys in the dining room lining a bit of the walls (play kitchen and book shelf with stuff)

The issue is that our kids will play with said toys and they become scattered all over the living room. I'll be the FIRST to admit we do not pick up every night. DH becomes so angry and he has decided that there will be NO TOYS in the living room going forward.

Is that a thing? Does anyone else have your living room toy free???

I just don't see how it's possible? Where do the kids play....? do I have to go wherever they are and sit and watch them bc I can't see them from the living room?

I think we can remedy the issue if we institute a mandatory pick up before bedtime, which I am starting to do (DD is 5 yo, DS is shy of 2)... I'm hoping maybe this will ease the tension all around and fix the problem.

But DH swears that in his home growing up there were no toys, and his dad told them when they could play and where they played.. tell me this is just him blowing steam.. bc it seems ridiculous to me!!!