Baby fever is coming back! My DS is 4 and was conceived through IVF. My DH is disabled and we live with my mom now. Mostly life is easier and we’re in a good groove, but I’d love to have another. There are 4 frozen embryos from my first cycle.

Normally I’m pretty content with DS and realistic about my limitations, but I was just looking back at his baby pictures and thinking “ah yes, there’s the reason!”

My brother and SIL are about to start their own IVF treatment and I’m so excited for them. I would love a niece or nephew to spoil and my son would be so happy...but I still want to have another myself.

I tell myself that it’s not the right time and I’ll think about it more seriously next year, but I can’t help it. What did you do while you were waiting to try again? Focus in your career? Health and fitness? I want to feel like I have a plan in place.