Is anyone else following this situation?! I just think its so crazy.

From what I can sum up: they have a brief courtship followed by marriage. He has drug addiction issues that spiral out of control putting him in rehab or gone bingeing/missing for weeks at a time. He's no longer an NBA player, she leaves him, etc. They become estranged, file for divorce and most recently she accuses him of stalking her at her 6am workout session. She's dating someone else and is all seems well.

THEN, last week he's found unresponsive at a BROTHEL in Nevada and she rushes to his side, hasn't left his side since and now they have called off the divorce and man she's been seeing gets the boot I assume.

Anyone else think this is crazytown?? I just can't see myself rushing back to my ex if he was found in a brothel ODing on drugs!!