My first grader is a slow poke in general (he takes after his dad ). He *can* do things quickly when he's really motivated, but even when there are consequences like missing playtime, sometimes he takes forever to do things anyways. It can be anything from getting dressed to getting out of the car to eating.

But the biggest problem we have is that he usually takes *forever* to poop. Not the actual bowel movement part. But the wanting to chat while he's on the toilet, singing to himself, staring into space, whatever. And if I try to hurry him, he just claims that he's not done. And then the wiping can be the same way. Tonight he sat on the toilet for 20 minutes while we kept asking him to hurry up and be done. It's a problem when it's getting late at bedtime or we're trying to get somewhere. It's also a problem because (gross, I know) the poop dries out and then he needs to use wet wipes to clean up effectively.
Anyone else had this issue? Ideas of what to do? He hates timers and they usually backfire because he gets so worked up about them. And he'll get mad about a natural consequence (like having to wipe with wipes or missing playtime or not enough time for all the stories at bedtime), but it's not always enough to get him to move more quickly. Help!