This is a lame question, I hate myself for asking it, but are there any foods that will help a child grow taller?

LO is a healthy, happy boy. He is 22 months. He loves eating too when he is hungry. However, he seems to be shorter than a lot of same age kids. Our neighbor is 4 months older, and he is shorter than him by almost a head...!

As for us, we are not SUPER short. Husband is 5'9" and I am 5'4".

I know that this depends on genetics and all. I even got into a fight with FIL because of that (he was whining how LO wasn't as chubby as he was when he was a baby, hinting that it was my fault for not feeding him properly). However I do wonder if I could do better in the food (or any other) department. I offer a lot of pasta with parmesan cheese, baked chicken, steamed broccoli / carrots, string beans at times (which he doesn't really eat, maybe a few bites), yobaby yogurt. Recently I puree spinach and mix it into pasta and it has some success. Sometimes we also make baked salmon, and sometimes a meatloaf. For carbs, other than pasta, I offer rice or cheese sandwiches. For the fruit department, he likes bananas, blue berries, in the summer we offer a lot of water melon and other melons, which he gobbles all up. Apples he eats occasionally, so is avocado. We eat out usually during the weekend and he eats a variety of things other than the typical ones I offer at home.

So... any Nutritionist bees out there? Are there any food that can help a child grow taller? Or is that such a thing? Any other things I could do to help him grow taller?