I just realized I never introduced myself. I am not sure if it is something everyone needs to do or what, but I think 10 months is a good point for an intorduction hahaha.

Ok, so I met Ryan (DH) 2 years ago on Facebook, we met a couple months later in real life. Fell in love that same week! And then traveled back and forth for about 6 months and then Ryan moved to Utah in May 2011. We bought 2 cats Dexter and Minny. In September 2011 Ryan proposed! We got married June 15th 2012. It was a horrible day actually. Very glad to be married but made a complete fool of myself.

Now we live together in a cute house right behind my parents house in Draper, Utah. We have been TTc since June. I found out I have PCOS in May so I knew I would have to take fertility drugs or other options to regulate that. Anyways now we are on a break during the holidays and will resume TTCing in Janurary.

I know I have been here a while, but still hello

The 1st pic is me and Ryan the first week we met, at a Halloween party. And the second is one of our engagement pics, I decided to ditch the blood for that one.