My 2nd kiddo's birthday is in August. She is in a public school program, and her class has only 14 kiddos. We live in an urban area, so summers usually mean a lot of people travel, or they have family beach or lake or mountain houses they spend a lot of time in, so summers can be problematic for birthday parties in terms of attendance.

On top of that, my daughter has been in public pre-k all year (for 3-turning-4 year olds). I feel like 3 year olds have short memories about friends--like out of sight, out of mind.

So here's my question: We've always had an every-other-year birthday party policy. Like we invite friends one year, then do an at-home family party with cake or an activity the next year, etc. This year is a year both of my girls can have a friends party in a venue. My 6 year old has had some of the same kids in her class since pre-k, so they are a tighter group. Her Bday is this Saturday, and she's going to have high attendance.

I worry about my 3 year old's birthday in August. By then, the kids will have been out of school for 6 weeks. A lot of people are out of town or in various camps around town most of the summer, so she won't really see them.

Should I expect to have low attendance? We'd invite the 14 kids in her current class (school ends today) plus maybe 3-4 family friends' kids. I'm so worried she'll only have about 4 kids that can come! And that's not really enough for a venue party.

WWYD? She'll be turning 4 and this is the first year she's been old enough to notice a discrepancy between her party and her sister's party (which is Saturday). Since we've party planning and making favor bags, my youngest is constantly verbally planning her own party in August. I'm so scared we'll spend the money for a venue and then have no one to come!

Should we just plan a venue party anyway and see what happens? How far in advance should we send the Evites, knowing it's summer and people travel a lot?