So LO is 10 months old. She's getting into things but isn't crafty/sneaky yet.
The kitchen is my biggest worry. I don't want to go overboard on baby proofing as our apt is small and open plan so I pretty much can see her at all times. Big things like outlets are covered.

I have the kitchen sink cabinets with the BAD stuff with one of those cord locks, but thats easy to forget to rehook. Our cabinets have a lot of moulding so adhesive latches don't work. We are in a rental so I'm hesitant to put screws into the cabinets. AND we have a lot of cabinets that don't have a door next to them to use a slide-on latch-type lock where you lock the two pulls together.
Thus far I've consolidated other less-bad items into two cabinets with side by side knobs and put a cord lock on. The other lower cabinets are things that are either too heavy for her to get out or stuff she can throw around.

But this a temp solution. does anyone have any recommendations for secure solutions with minimal damage to the cabinets? I see those magnetic drill-less locks on amazon but half of the reviews are from comped reviewers which always sketches me out.

What else am I forgetting? She's not walking yet but she is pulling to stand. do they pull open oven doors?