In a few weeks, I'm going to be becoming a SAHM and a part-time law student. (Yay!) It looks like we will no longer need our nanny or any childcare besides my mother-in-law once per week, so we plan to let her go. While I would love to give our nanny 2 weeks notice to give her time to search for a new position... I'm a little concerned about the care she'll give Baby X in that 2 week period. Is she really going to give the best care if she knows her position is about to end? Part of me would rather let her know at the last minute "Thanks, but we won't need you going forward. But here's a couple weeks of pay to help tide you over while you look for your new position." I'd give a few weeks notice if she weren't entirely responsible for my son's care, but since she is, I'd rather minimize any potential issues there.

Am I being paranoid thinking that way? If you've had a nanny you had to let go, how did you do it? If you've nannied before, what has been your experience when families found they no longer needed your help?