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LO isnt eating solids well

  1. jhd

    coconut / 8078 posts

    @MsBAM: also jumping back in to say if LO wants to do it himself, you can always give him a spoon with some purée or yogurt or oatmeal on it and let him try to feed himself. Messy for sure, so we did this in the evening before bath.

  2. skipra

    pomegranate / 3350 posts

    Omg I'm sorry but that is really bad advice! My kids have all been super low BMI like yours - tall but low weight %. We have had 3 different pediatricians (because we moved not because they were bad!) and every single one of them suggested offering fatties foods, like adding butter or oil to things, peanut butter, avocados, etc. Only with my oldest did anyone suggest weaning but that was when he was 15 months and had fallen off the charts completely. My youngest was terrible about eating as a baby. He would gag and throw up on finger foods and refuse pureed but he figured it out around a year. Sorry you got such bad advice. It seems the consensus agrees with your gut feeling so I hope you are more comfortable following your instincts now.

  3. turquoisemama

    persimmon / 1481 posts

    @MsBAM: I haven’t read any of the other posts but I’m really surprised the doctor told you that. 9months is still really little and they are still getting used to regular food. I get maybe not doing milk right before but definitely give him milk after whether he eats or not. He will not go through childhood without eating food, but right now, milk is what he needs. And do not force anything. I did that with my daughter and it was a huge struggle to move past the resistance and pickiness. Just let him decide what and how much he wants. All you can do is offer it and let him lead.

  4. josina

    pomegranate / 3952 posts

    @jhd: @MsBAM: My DD isn't a great eater with finger foods, but I can usually get her to eat a few more bites by just putting it on a baby fork/spoon and letting her feed herself that way. It's like she doesn't like getting messy, but she's fine with silverware.

  5. MsBAM

    apricot / 265 posts

    @Mrs. Champagne: The smoothies were a hit!!! He loves drinking them from his straw cup! For the times he doesn’t eat much, I can give him this and mix in avocado for some fat Also handy if we’re out and about during meal time! Did you give the berries whole or cut in half?

  6. Mrs. Champagne

    coconut / 8482 posts

    @MsBAM: I cut them up! Great in a smoothie too. Glad it was a hit!

  7. Grace

    cantaloupe / 6730 posts

    @MsBAM: My kiddo is 8.5 mo, 1st percentile for weight and my ped has never suggested not feeding him. I have found he eats best if I nurse an hour before solids. If I don’t wait that long he isn’t hungry and if I try solids first, he refuses to eat because he’s too hungry and wants the breastmilk (which I assume is easier to fill up on).

  8. MsBAM

    apricot / 265 posts

    @Silva: Fast forward to almost 11mo... still pretty much only eating bread and puffs. I’ll add peanut butter and cream cheese to toast and he’ll take that. He’s ate pieces of cheese and pear the odd time, and it’s hit or miss with him accepting purees. I made an appt with his paediatrician who actually said the same thing as the med student!! He said he wants breast milk and told me to offer solids before breast milk. When I told him I tried that, he said then don’t feed him breast milk if he doesn’t eat and wait until the next meal. This is crazy to me and I am not following that advice!!! Seems so wrong to starve a baby. They don’t understand cause/effect! I really think he might have a chewing issue. Thinking about getting a feeding assessment done.

  9. Silva

    cantaloupe / 6017 posts

    @MsBAM: at 11 mos I wasn’t as focused on always nursing before meals so you could try that. If he doesn’t eat what you offer are you then giving him puffs? We always just have my kids whatever we were eating. Sometimes they are it, sometimes they didn’t, but I didn’t give alternatives.
    I’m sorry it’s still so hard. If you have concerns definitely ask about them/ look into an eval!

  10. gingerbebe

    cantaloupe / 6131 posts

    For DS1, who was my kid with food and weight issues, we did split feedings. So I would nurse one side or feed him half a bottle, then we'd eat (or try to eat) table food, and then I would offer him the other breast or remainder of the bottle. Made meals longer, but its how I could try to manage to offer BM and table food at the same time but make sure he was getting enough nutrition one way or another. If it matters, my kids were always on a schedule, so there were only 4 milk feedings total in a day - 3 before each meal and then 1 bedtime feeding - so there wasn't other opportunities for them to tank up on milk.

    (DS2 was a great eater, so he just naturally bumped up his table food consumption and it was a non-issue).

  11. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    I remember reading this thread and wanting to reply before. Sorry you’re still having issues. My first dropped percentiles at 6 months and gained very little weight from 9-12 months and is still on the smaller side. Breastfed only a few times and for only a few minutes per day and not at night starting at 6 months. I didn’t night wean-it was he choice. She would eat next to nothing table food or purée wise. A pouch would last 3 days. It didn’t get better until 15 months and she’s 2.5 now and some days are still crappy but I don’t worry as much anymore. I did have many nights where I cried worrying though. My second kid is 9 months and eats much more but only breastfeeds 4 times a day just like my I eat. But the food intake is night and day; 2-3 pouches/jars worth of food plus a bit of table food that is mostly played with. I did try the food before breastfeeding with my first. I feel like I tried everything to get her to eat and nothing worked. I totally disagree with them telling you to not feed your kid at all until the next “meal” in the hopes that he’ll then eat solids.

    If you think an eval is in order definitely push for it. Even if it’s just nothing and then you get the peace of mind it’s definitely worth it. It sounds like he’s just not interested which I understand would be worrying and frustrating. Hopefully you can get some answers or a switch trips and he starts eating more things soon.

  12. MsBAM

    apricot / 265 posts

    @Silva: I’ve been trying to nurse after meals now. He likes bread, cereal and puffs. I was told by a couple dieticians and the doctor to keep giving him what he likes and work with what he likes. So I do give him bread with peanut butter, butter, cream cheese, gonna try jam soon. I’ll isually give him Cheerios and mix some puffs in as a treat. I am continuing to offer other things too even though he doesn’t eat them.

    @gingerbebe: I offer BM after meals and at bedtime, sometimes for naps. I always make sure he will be hungry enough to eat table food.

    @Mrs. Goose: I do feel like that too, it doesn’t matter what I do, he won’t eat table food. The doctor makes me feel like I’m the reason he isn’t eating, bc he wants breastmilk but my gut is telling me this is not the issue. I absolutely will feed him BM if he refuses table food! As far as baby food goes, one jar of baby food can usually last 2 meals if he takes it. Sometimes I open a pouch and he won’t eat it, other times he will. I stopped making homemade stuff bc it was getting too stressful and busy making it when he would most often decline it. Do you think it’s ok that at almost 12m he’s still taking purees? Usually stage 2 or 7 or 8m purees. He doesn’t like stage 3. I do feel like I should get the evaluation in case something is going on, then I won’t kick myself for not addressing it earlier.

  13. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @MsBAM: I know for my first that was not the issue at all. Surprisingly my doctor did not suggest withholding breastmilk. I tried nursing after “eating” solids instead, and not even right after, and it made no difference. She wouldn’t drink much and wouldn’t drink more when sh was that age either. Sometimes I really don’t know how she stayed happy and healthy, but she did and always had great energy levels. She wasn’t picky and still isn’t, it’s just food quantity that is low now.

    To me there’s no issue with still eating purée at that age. He will/can eat puffs and toast and Cheerios as you said and has tried the pear so it’s not like he can’t eat other stuff. I know some kids are so over purée quickly, but my toddler will still eat pouches now that she actually consumes them-depending on the flavour blend-and I just buy the smooth 4-8 month flavour/blends. I stopped bothering trying to make food, well purées, around 8 months with her because it wasn’t getting eaten as well.

    I also always purée all my soups because I prefer eating smooth soups and I’m an adult....so there’s that!

  14. sillymilly

    olive / 60 posts

    @MsBAM: My DD didn’t feed herself a cheerio until 10 months old. She would struggle with chunky purees and gag/throw up when eating almost anything with texture. I got her an EI eval at around 11 months, and the speech pathologist found that she was not actually making chewing motions even though it looked like she was chewing to me. While she didn’t qualify for services, she did recommend two things to help develop chewing motions:

    Chewy Tubes - Yellow https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CQASVYE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_x9V4AbRSDJWBB

    Chewy Tubes P' and Q' https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CQASZOA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_y-V4AbAS20C15

    FWIW, my ped did recommend solids before breastmilk as she’s always been at the bottom of the weight curve, but never recommended withholding BM after.

  15. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    just chiming in late to say my first LO was very similar. it was SO stressful! and i remembered hearing that saying "food before 1..." comment and thought it was true. My pediatrician was like, NO! I did what you did and gave food before breast milk, and we just kept offering often. He took a long time to get used to it, and used to choke on food because he wasn't handling the textures well. But eventually he was good.... just keep with it and he'll start eating eventually! I added a lot of fatty things (avocado, butter, olive oil, full fat yogurt, etc) in where I could to get him the extra calories.

  16. MsBAM

    apricot / 265 posts

    @sillymilly: did you find those chewy tubes helped? Also, my LO is on a lower percentile for weight and higher for height so it surprises me that he suggested withholding breastmilk. Definitely trying to get him a feeding evaluation.

    @hellobeeboston: Gonna try adding the fatty stuff too! Like oil to his purees, etc. I do full fat yogurts too and sometimes he takes it.

    @Mrs. Goose: okay, I’ll keep doing stage 2 then or up to 8m purees until we figure this out bc that’s what he accepts. I talked to two dieticians that agreed with me that he needs an evaluation so I’m wondering why the doctor wouldn’t think the same thing. He’s assuming he wants breastmilk. My LO doesn’t even cry to nurse, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

  17. sillymilly

    olive / 60 posts

    @MsBAM: She wasn’t very interested in the regular chewy tubes, but really liked to munch on the p’s and q’s, so perhaps. It’s really hard to say, but she got much better at handling textures by a year and we were on more solids and less purees by then, which I thought was never going to happen. Fingers crossed for you!


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