So long story short we are moving abroad for a short period of time overseas to be with my husband who has been traveling for work. LO1 is three; she sleeps happily in a crib at home. She’s 39” tall (so, fairly tall) and we have a baby Bjorn travel crib she has used in the past. We have an air B and B we will be staying in. It has a twin bed in her room and they provide a pack n play as well. My husband is on a quick weekend trip right now with her and he said she slept terribly last night in the Bjorn. Up all night.
I have a feeling we might have to make the transition to a real bed while abroad.
What would you do? How do I kidproof a room that isn’t ours or keep her from rolling out of the twin bed? I can’t amazon prime stuff there (no amazon!). I’m a type A planner and this is rattling me a bit since I can’t really “plan” and sleep is um...important (I also have a 3 month old). Jet lag will screw us anyway (7 hours). Is my best bet the mattress on the floor and hope for the best? Bring an ok to wake clock? Keep her in the Bjorn if she fits?