Dylan is 13 1/2 months adjusted now and has basically been 17 1/2 pounds since around Christmas-time. He's always been small (was born at 25 weeks) and reflux is an issue, but each time we go in I think he's going to be heavier and it's still not happening! We bottle weaned last month so his fluid intake (WCM fortified with WCM powder) has dropped, but he's been eating a good amount more solids.

We work so hard on this each and every day "making each bite count" butter, oils, etc. and it's just discouraging not to see a gain. The ped isn't overly concerned because she knows we are working hard and she's happy he's maintaining, not losing, but she really won't be comfortable until he's 20 pounds (kind of revised to 18 today). Gaining weight from 1-2 is really hard, so we just need a few more pounds to be in a "safer" zone in case he gets sick.

(Really this is just a vent...) Thanks.