Hi, all! I don't post here often, mainly a reader, but I was hoping to get some advice for anyone who has gone through similar with their child.

My daughter is 5 and just started kindergarten last week. Due to our county's COVID school schedule, she is in K on Monday and Tuesday and back at her normal daycare Wed-Fri (my husband and I both work during the day). She has been at this daycare since she was 4 months old.

She is a worrier and often scared/not comfortable in new situations. Starting K made her nervous enough, but the inconsistent schedule is not helping. Not to mention, a lot of her best friends at daycare are no longer enrolled because they've either reported full time to school (different county) or are being homeschooled. So, what was once her "safe zone", is now also making her uncomfortable.

I really feel like we do our best to talk things out with her, but it is so hard to see her struggling right now. She cried at daycare drop off today and I cried all the way into work. I hate it for her, and I guess I am just looking for some coping mechanisms we can offer her that we may not have thought about yet.

I will also throw in that I am newly pregnant with baby #2, and although she is VERY excited, I worry it is another life change contributing to her overall anxiousness.

I hope everyone reading is hanging in there! These are TOUGH times.