E is almost 16 months. At his 12 month appointment they did the typical panel for Hemaglobin and lead. His lead came back fine but his iron was low. I wasn't surprised because I have low iron and his brothers is low too. They put him on poly-vi-sol with iron and suggested I try to push more iron rich foods.
Fast forward to his 15 month appointment. We rechecked his iron level and iron reserve level. We got a call back saying that not only had his iron not improved but it had gone down to 10.4 and that his iron reserves are less then 7. They suggested that we up his poly-vi-sol and continue pushing iron rich foods. He began throwing up after every meal so we called the doctor and they suggested we stop the poly-vi-sol and try flintstones with iron giving him half everyday. He has stopped throwing up and takes his vitamins just fine.
I am concerned that it won't be enough considering everything else didn't work. Talk to me about you low iron kiddo.