Let's play! How old is your LO? What are the "mother's worries" you have at this moment, and what are the things you are proud of, about your little one?

My LO is 14.5 months.

I worry that:
- He is still not speaking his first words;
- He doesn't seem to want to mimick us in speaking;
- He's drooling A LOT. While other kids in his class don't even wear a bib, he drools through 4+ bibs a day.
- His temporary hearing loss (from recurring ear infections earlier in the year);
- He still won't want anything to do with the toothbrush, and I am not cleaning his teeth well enough.

I am proud that:
+ He knows how to put his dirty clothes into the hamper, all on his own!
+ He occasionally knows how to pick up his toys and books and brings them back to where they belong.
+ He sleeps and naps so well most of the time.
+ He loves books and reading.
+ He is always smiling and laughing.

How about you?