I need to be educated on food allergies since Dd might (but hopefully not) have some food allergies. Please give me all the basics about your Los food allergies. Most importantly what type of reaction, how long does it last, how do you treat?

Dd is newly 1. Today she got her MMR and chicken pox vaccines. I thought maybe it was a reaction to the vaccines but urgent care Dr thinks it might be food allergy.

She only had the hives on the back of one thigh though. And the hives started to disappear within an hour. Urgent care also said her breathing and everything was normal so not anaphylactic?

So here are the possibilities:
She drank some of DS smoothie which had milk, but she's had formula before and never reacted.
She had some hummus spread on bread but she's had bites of the same type of hummus before.
She had a new flavor pouch which had apricot but I though she's had apricots before but really can't remember.

No hives anywhere else except back of thigh.
Her vaccines were administered one in each arm.