We are visiting DH's family at the end of the month, and celebrating our niece's 7th birthday while we are there. As part of her present, I would like to get niece and DD (19 mos) matching shirts or dresses (not necessarily for the party, but just for fun). She loved when they had matching jammies at Christmas.

Below are two items I've considered. The tee: SiL and BiL aren't into Star Wars like we are - is it still a good shirt? The dress: how does this style look on older kids?

(ETA: Here is the dress; I couldn't get a larger picture - http://www.hannaandersson.com/pdp.aspx?from=SC&pcid=1590&styleid=48276&simg=48276_GK3)

Any other suggestions for brands to look at? I'd lean feminist/messagey on the tees and utilitarian/play dress on dresses.