Ok ladies, I have been on a huge maternity clothes shopping kick lately. Pretty soon I will be able to reveal my pregnancy at work and I'm excited to start wearing maternity clothes (I love them!). Where has been your favorite place to buy stuff? Here's where I've been lately:

Gap - got some great basic long-sleeved v-necks for $7, score!
Motherhood / Pea in the Pod - got yoga pants, 4 pairs of black leggings (all different materials), skinny jeans (which I hate), a few simple tops
Kohl's - got a couple of tops
H&M - just went here the other day, AWESOME!! got a couple of short sleeved tops, and loved some jeggings but they didn't have my size
Old Navy - bought skinny jeans but they ripped when I pulled them up, so returned them. Also got a cute sundress for the summer.

Haven't been to Target recently!