hi ladies -

I have a few choices for pumps from my insurance company and am trying to make a decision. As a FTM, I'm completely overwhelmed and clueless! I've read a bunch of the existing pumping boards, but would love responses from people in a similar situation to me, or (even better) from people who have used both of the pumps in question and can compare them.

4 Choices:
Pump In Style Advanced– shoulder bag/tote
PISA – backpack
PISA – metro

My situation:
I will be going back to work full time after 12 weeks, so I will need to pump from the office. I commute via my car, and rarely travel for work. Regardless of which model I pick, I hope to use a pumping bra, so that I can continue to use my computer while I pump.

I realize I am probably over thinking this, and either will be fine...but I'm a FTM, so lets be honest, I'm over thinking just about everything these days! Happy to take any other pumping tips/tricks from WOHM. Thank you in advance!